ISDN Plans

Any Telstra ISDN lines are available to be re-billed through BEST telecom on a 24 month contract.

On these plans, the following business rules apply:-

  • Untimed local calls, $0.18 each
  • National calls, $0.18 each
  • The cost for excess data once the included allowance is exceeded is $0.25 per MB used
  • Mobile calls, $0.18 per 30 seconds
  • Flag-fall on non-local calls, $0.18

Critical Information Summary

All other call types, service and equipment charges do not have a Bartercard component. The above rates are applicable to all non-contracted and new customers from 1 September 2014.
These arrangements are subject to change from time to time, including withdrawal or modification.

What Next?

For more information:-

  • Contact us on 1800 959 261 or
  • Click Here to check out our Product Guide

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